• [Xbox 360] PES 2013 option file: Daymos OPE: V1.5 + V2 released!

    After running into Data Pack 1 related problems with last month's release of our V1 file, we have been working extremely hard in recent weeks, and finally, we are pleased to bring you two files: V1.5 (our online file), and V2 (our offline file).

    In order to get these option files working, you must have an unmodded Xbox 360 with a hard-drive size of at least 20GB. Anything smaller and the option file will not function properly - for example, most kits will be missing.

    Daymos OPE V2 - offline version

    V2 is the more complete file - Bundesliga and npower Championship both included. However, the problem is that you will not be able to use Data Pack 1 with this file because your game will freeze/crash. Simply put, if you want to download the V2 file, do not download DP1.

    The Daymos OPE V2 file includes:

    English Premier League, English npower Championship, German Bundesliga, Portuguese Liga Zon Sagres and international teams are now licensed.

    Premier League squads are 95% correct. Last few transfers and other squads for all other leagues will be corrected when Data Pack 2 is released next week.

    Daymos OPE V1.5 - online version

    V1.5 is still missing the German Bundesliga and npower Championship. However, this file will work with Data Pack 1. We have tested this file thoroughly and we have found that V1.5 does not cause the game to crash.

    The Daymos OPE V1.5 file includes:

    English Premier League, Portuguese Liga Zon Sagres and national teams are now licensed.

    However, the English npower Championship and German Bundesliga are still missing because these leagues cause the game to crash if DP1 is installed. V2 has more leagues, so only download this file if you really want Data Pack 1 on your console.

    For both files, please note that some squads and transfers are incorrect. This issue will be corrected as soon as Konami release Data Pack 2 on October 11th. When DP2 comes out next Thursday, we will fix the squads and release V3.

    Sticking with V3, we are planning to include more leagues so you guys can have more options to choose from. For example, we are preparing to fix the npower Championship and Bundesliga so they can be used by everyone. We are also planning to add the Scottish Premier League, the MLS and the two second divisions of both Spain and Germany - we may add more leagues, but only if a) the demand is there, and b) we have enough time!

    As usual, please leave your feedback in the threads (both links are posted above) and leave your comments and suggestions. Remember, the more feedback we receive, the more accurate our future updates will be.

    Thank you - and enjoy the files!
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